Food Factory Environmental Hygiene Services - Microchem
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Food Factory Testing

Food Factory Hygiene Services

Microchem can assist you with Food Factory Environmental Hygiene Inspections, and Consultation Services, whereby your production facility and final products can be screened on a regular basis.

Food Factory Environmental Hygiene is an essential part of food production and it forms part of HACCP, and due diligence.

Swabbing – Surface Hygiene; we can help with food factory hygiene by testing swabs which are used to monitor the effectiveness of the food factory cleaning program. It also is often used to validate critical control points highlighted through HACCP. Testing would normally include Total Viable Count and Enterobacteriaceae but other organisms are

Swabbing – Hand Hygiene; swabbing can also be used to monitor hand hygiene which with hand washing awareness is part of food factory hygiene. Testing would normally include Staphylococcus aureus and E.coli.

Listeria Swabbing; testing for Listeria is part of quality assurance throughout food manufacture and is monitored by the factory quality control department; part of the monitoring is swabbing. Having a good Listeria Environmental Swabbing program is an important part of Listeria control in your food manufacturing environment as Listeria is often a post process contaminant.

Our Hygiene Service includes:

  • Environmental/Food Factory Hygiene Monitoring
  • Swabbing – Surface Hygiene
  • Swabbing – Hand Hygiene
  • Listeria Swabbing
  • Hygiene report and quality index
  • Consultation and advice

Our experienced hygiene inspectors can carry out on site swabbing and provide you with valuable reports and interpretation of test results that will assist you in managing quality at your factory.

We pride ourselves on customer service and value all of our customers.

Please contact us to see if we can help you with your Hygiene Inspection Service testing requirements.