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What we do

Lab Services

Lab Services

Our objective is to provide a comprehensive range of analyses for the food related industries under one roof. We continuously add new methods and tests as the market evolves and new client needs are identified.We engage with our clients on their requirements as their input guides our new test development program.

Nutritional Testing

Microchem’s food chemistry department performs Nutritional Laboratory Testing, analysing a wide range of food and drink products, raw materials and food ingredients for the purpose of generating the mandatory nutritional labelling information and for the verification of specific nutritional content claims.

Microchem Food Chemistry

Food Chemistry Testing Services

Microchem offers a wide range of food chemistry testing services to the food and beverage industry. Our experience is gained from many years of assisting the industry. We can work on your routine chemistry analysis, solve complex problems, as well as provide nutritional analysis and labeling information about your products.

Food Microbiology

Food Microbiology Testing Services

Microchem routinely provides food microbiology, food safety and food quality testing. Over 1600 food microbiology samples are submitted to the food testing laboratory in a week, encompassing analysis for a wide range of microbial spoilage, bacteria and indicator organisms in a variety of food products, raw materials, finished products and ingredients.

Pathogen Determination

Pathogen Determination

Within the food microbiology department at Microchem we have a dedicated pathogen testing laboratory, with a team of vastly experienced microbiologists to perform pathogen testing and determination on a range of food products and ingredients. We use tried and tested culture methods alongside some rapid methodology for pathogen determination.

Shelf Life Determination

Shelf Life Determination

Our food microbiology testing laboratory provides product shelf life testing, and storage to establish the shelf life of your food products.

At Microchem we have the ability to store samples at a range of temperatures and in different conditions to facilitate customer requirements, enabling you to develop and determine the shelf life of your product.

Microchem Water Testing

Water Testing

Microchem has increased its scope of accreditation with SANAS (South African National Accreditation System) to include chemical and microbiological water testing that meet the requirements of SANS 241.

Microchem Quality Testing

Quality Testing

We understand that food and pharmaceutical manufacturers are legally responsible for the quality, safety and efficacy of their products and ensuring they meet the specifications to achieve the highest quality standards is an essential part of protecting brand integrity and providing consumer confidence.

Microchem Detection of Contaminants & Species

Detection of Contaminants in Food: Presence of Animal Species

Microchem Cape Town molecular diagnostic department can offer the sensitive detection of contaminants of meat for a range of animal species.

Detection of Contaminants

Endotoxin Testing

Endotoxins are potentially toxic natural compounds of the cell wall of gram negative bacteria. This material is pryrogenic meaning that it can cause high fevers in humans. The test for bacterial endotoxin is used to detect or quantify endotoxins using Limulus Amoebocyte Lysate (LAL) which is an extract of blood cells from the horseshoe crab (Limulus polyphemus).

Olive Oil Testing

Olive Oil Analysis Authenticity

Chemical analysis of extra virgin olive oil has proven to be fundamental indicators of sensory, quality, predictor of perishability, and authenticity of olive oils. Using the most advanced instruments available, and the most experienced and qualified team we can provide a comprehensive range of olive oil tests that are required for quality, authenticity and labelling purposes.

Pesticide Analyses

Multi-Residue Pesticide Analyses

In response to developments in multi-residue level (MRL) pesticide analysis and consumer concern about the levels of pesticides in food, we have expanded our testing abilities in multi-residue pesticide analyses and invested in the latest technology for pesticide analyses.

Microchem Sugar Alcohol Testing

Polyol (Sugar Alcohol) Analyses

In response to developments in nutritional labelling requirements, Microchem has extended its scope of service to include the analysis of sugar alcohols (polyols), and has recently obtained SANAS accreditation for these analyses.

Vitamin Testing

Vitamin and Elemental Testing Service

Microchem’s chemistry department can assist you with the following vitamin and trace element analysis.

Food Factory Testing

Food Factory Environmental Hygiene Services

Microchem can assist you with Food Factory Environmental Hygiene Inspections, and Consultation Services, whereby your production facility and final products can be screened on a regular basis.


Consulting Services

Our specialists provide consultation on the assessments and advise on environmental hygiene management programmes, interpretation of analytical results and advice on nutritional analyses, as well as assistance with pathogen management in production facilities.



For more information on chemical, microbiological analyses at our Cape Town lab and microbiological analyses offered at our Gauteng lab, please click on the PDF icon.


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