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Multi-Residue Pesticide Analyses, and Related Services to meet your requirements

Pesticide Analysis

Multi-Residue Pesticide Analyses, and Related Services to meet your requirements


Microchem now offers pesticide residue analyses to South African fresh fruit export markets. We provide a high-quality, professional service, with quick result turnaround times.

Microchem has increased its scope of accreditation with SANAS (South African National Accreditation System), to include chemical and microbiological water testing that meet the requirements of SANS 241.

SANS 241 specifies the quality of acceptable drinking water, defined in terms of microbiological, physical, aesthetic and chemical determinants.

SANAS Accreditation

Microchem is SANAS Accreditation for Pesticide Residue Analyses, for the following fruit matrices:

  1. Pome Fruits
  2. Stone Fruits
  3. Table Grapes
  4. Citrus

Our scope of accreditation includes Multi-Residue Pesticide analyses, Ethephon and Dithiocarbamates analyses for the above fruit matrices.

Multi-Residue Pesticide Analysis Reporting

We have expanded our system reporting capabilities in order to provide our clients with real-time analytical results. This is achieved by means of an automatic results email notification system that will distribute the results for pre-configured critical residue levels, such as the Ethephon content of the product, to the requestor of the analysis upon completion of testing. This process is independent of the completion of all of the analysis required on the product, and therefore operational decisions dependant on the results of these specific residues can be made quickly and efficiently.

Our clients can be provided with exception reports for the products submitted where the results are automatically evaluated against commodity specific MRL values in order to highlight any exceedances that may have occurred. The benefit of this value adding service is that it alleviates the need for the manual transcription of data from the individual Certificates of Analysis received, and can provide an overview of all test results obtained for a specified period or production season. This information can also be valuable in the evaluation of the effectiveness of the spray programs employed.

Environmental Hygiene Inspection Services

Microchem provides an Environmental Hygiene Service, and is an essential part of pack house production. It forms part of HACCP and due diligence.

Swabbing – Surface Hygiene; we can assist with pack house hygiene by testing swabs which are used to monitor the effectiveness of pack house cleaning programs. It can also be used to validate critical control points highlighted through HACCP. Testing would normally include Total Viable Count and E.coli, but other organisms are also routinely tested for.

Our Hygiene Service includes:

  1. Environmental /Pack house monitoring
  2. Swabbing –Surface Hygiene
  3. Swabbing – Hand Hygiene
  4. Listeria Swabbing
  5. Hygiene reports and quality index

Other Services

  1. Food chemistry
  2. Nutritional analyses
  3. Trace elemental and heavy metal analyses
  4. Food colorants (Azo Dyes)
  5. Vitamin analyses
  6. Water chemical analyses
  7. Melamine analyses
  8. Pesticide analyses
  9. Polyols analyses
  10. Olive oil authentication
  11. Routine food microbiology analyses
  12. Food borne pathogen analyses
  13. Water microbiological analyses
  14. Product shelf-life analyses
  15. Foreign object inspections
  16. Hygiene inspections and reports
  17. Microbiological swabbing

Contact Information

Cape Town (Head Office)
1st Floor Fairweather House,
176 Sir Lowry Road
Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa, 8001
Tel: +27 (21) 465-6996 or 061 394 1913

Sales Cape Town:
Raymond Hartley,

Chemistry Lab Manager:
Hannes Esterhuizen,

Pesticide Lab:
Willem van Dalen,

Micro Lab Cape Town:
Ilse Liedemann,

Gauteng Micro Laboratory
41 Golden Drive,
Morehill, Benoni, South Africa, 1501
Tel: +27 (11) 425-3775 or 061 393 5354

Sales Gauteng:
Anna Tshwene,