2017/2018 Tariff Increase Notification to Customers - Microchem
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2017/2018 Tariff Increase Notification to Customers

2017/2018 Tariff Increase Notification to Customers.

2017/2018 Tariff Increase Notification to Customers

At Microchem Lab Services (Pty) Ltd, we are committed to providing quality services to our customers, and we are continually reviewing ways to improve all of our service offerings.

All business and organisations in South Africa are under pressure due to ever-rising costs associated with foreign exchange fluctuations, and increases in fuel prices. As such, we will need to review our tariffs on a quarterly basis throughout 2017/2018, to ensure that we are able to continue with sustained operations, and provide the quality service expected by our customers.

We have endeavoured to pass the minimal increase onto our customers, and we are fortunate enough to increase our tariff for 2017 by only an average of 3.5%, this excludes DNA species identification, due to limited volumes.

Furthermore, all invoices settled within 30 days from date of statement, will qualify for an additional 2.5% early settlement discount.

We endeavour to be the market leader both in service and competitive pricing, and should you have any queries regarding these prices please contact me on: (021) 465 6996.

I trust you will find the above in order and look forward to a prosperous 2017/2018 business relationship with you.

I thank you for your understanding, and for your continued support, and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

Yours sincerely

Raymond Hartley
(Managing Director)

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  • Routine Food Microbiology Analyses
  • Food-borne Pathogen Analyses
  • Water Microbiological Analyses
  • Product Shelf-Life Analyses
  • Hygiene Inspections and Reports
  • Microbiological Swabbing
  • Foreign Object Inspections
  • Food Chemistry
  • Nutritional Analyses
  • Trace Elemental and Heavy Metal Analyses
  • Food Colourants (Azo Dyes)
  • Vitamin Analyses
  • Water Chemical Analyses
  • Melamine Analyses