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About Us

One of the most advanced chemical and microbiological laboratories in Africa.

Raymond Hartley
Raymond Hartley - Managing Director

How we got started

Microchem was established by Raymond Hartley in 2007 when he bought the Woolworths in-house laboratory.

In 2009 Microchem acquired Consulting Microbiological Laboratory (Pty) Ltd (CML) situated in Benoni Gauteng and changed the name to Microchem, Gauteng Branch. CML was a well known microbiological laboratory, the acquisition allows for greater opportunities to service Microchem’s Gauteng clients who require microbiological services.

Initially Microchem focused on routine microbiological and nutritional analyses. However, clients increasingly looked to Microchem to enhance the offering in terms of range and sophistication of tests.

Industry leading chemical and microbiological laboratories

Microchem responded by continuously investing in the latest technology and recruiting highly competent chemists and microbiologists. To meet your analytical requirements our modern facilities include centrally situated laboratories with adequate sample reception, analyses and storage.

Microchem continuously invests in the latest technology. Our state of the art technology includes GC, GC-MS, GS-MS Triple Quadrupole, ICP-OES, HPLC, LC-MSMS, Triple Quadrupole LC-MS, real time PCR, Tempo, Vidas and LIMS. These instruments have greatly broadened the range of analyses, and enable us to test for substantially lower levels of detection, and allow for the analysis of whole new classes of compounds.

Cape Town Team - May 2016
Johannesburg Team - December 2016

Microchem enjoys close relationships with international laboratories and universities. Collaboration with these partners provides a global view of food industry related issues and challenges.

Microchem is committed to maintaining our leadership position as the market evolves and new client needs are identified.

Our laboratories are staffed with advanced degree chemist, microbiologists, biotechnologists, food technologists, and highly trained analysts to provide an exemplary and personalized service. The personnel’s strong, multi-skilled technical backgrounds and experience in a variety of analytical specialties ensure that our laboratory stays at the forefront of technology to provide superior results.